Lee Heinen Paintings and Pastels
Lee Heinen
Lee Heinen at her art studio in Little Italy at 12402 Mayfield Road, Cleveland, Ohio, (216) 229-8763.
About the Artist

On the one hand, the world is messy and ugly, on the other it is miraculous and beautiful. Lee Heinen's art focuses mainly on the latter. Other artists, she believes, adequately cover the former. Lee recognized many years ago that her work was in a life affirming direction.

Until quite recently, realism or neo realism has been her mode of expression. However, this is not the only way to express her joyful view. Abstraction is another. She has discovered the pleasure of the painterly surface. It started with the addition of plastic beads imbedded in the paint to create texture. After that came the use of a feather duster as paint brush, followed by dripping, sponging, pouring, adding collage materials and just about any other way she can find to apply paint. Sometimes in the process, the painting's origin as a landscape is so modified that it becomes an abstraction. More >>

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